May 2021 Fund Menu Change

The Kansas City Deferred Compensation Trustees recently assessed the current investment options available in your Plan(s) and identified an opportunity to enhance the lineup through reduced investment expenses. We’re excited to bring you an updated investment lineup.

On May 18, 2021, the following change was made to your investment lineup:

Current Investment Name (Ticker) Gross Expense Ration New Investment Name (Ticker) Gross Expense Ratio
William Blair Small Cap Value I (BVDIX) 1.23% Boston Partners Small Cap Value II Institutional (BPSIX) 1.09%

Existing assets and payroll contribution allocations were directed from the current investment option to the new investment option.

Additional Information

Gross expense ratios represent the fund’s total operating expenses expressed as a percentage of the assets held in the fund. Your expenses may be less than the gross expense ratio. For more information about gross expense ratios, please refer to the fund’s prospectus.

No action is required. These changes were automatically made to your investment lineup.

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